• Live At for Brands

    Your event lives forever...
    by leveraging the space-time continuum.

    Live At intelligently stitches together the most relevant images, videos, and tweets in an evergreen event view.

Why it's cool

Socail DVR

Control the Fabric of Time

See what's happening with your event in real time

Refine on a Dime

Refine on a Dime

See only what you want, and nothing you don't. Filter content by social channel, geographic location, media type, and more.

Direct the Event

Direct the Event

Discover and promote your attendee's content

Why it works

content streams in

Popular content
bubbles up

Helps others get the
content they want

hard to find content

Share on social media

Monitor social

Why it matters


Social Visibility

Event goers generate 77% of event coverage, 4x more than a brand can generate on its own.


Deep Engagement

1 in 10 Live At fans engage heavily, staying more than 10 minutes per visit.


Evergreen Visits

Traffic continues to build after your event, sometimes doubling in just a few weeks.

  • Why brands like it

    "Using Live At we were able to gain a larger share of voice for our tradeshow participation. Our custom event hashtags generated tremendous social engagement, dwarfing the show's official coverage."

    Stephen Leu, Assistant Manager, Brand Publishing at Nitto Tire